Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yesterday's Entertainment Today's History

This Saturday’s seminar was a brush up on Roman History for me and the day our timelines were due. Rome has so much history that it is hard for me to just choose one topic that interested me the most.  But the one that was the most interesting is the Colosseum. It is highly overlooked because it’s so famous in Rome and a very monumental tourist attraction. The Romans built the Colosseum over two thousand years ago and not just in Rome but in other countries they conquered. Romans built colosseums in Spain, Portugal, Libya, Turkey, Romania, and Croatia.
The Colosseums were built for pure entertainment and a way to escape the hardship of daily Roman life. Some Romans weren’t rich enough to go to the Colosseums often so they spent whatever money they had saved up to attend these bloody spectacles. The richer Romans called the “Patricians,” sat in the front so they could get the best seats possible. The lower classes called the “Plebians,” sat in the back or as we now call it the “Nose Bleed” section. The emperor would sit in a box style seating with his royal court and enjoy the sight of death as if a game. In any weather the fight went on, an oversized sail attached to poles at the top of the Colosseum would cover the Romans from rain and harsh sun.
The Colosseum was built with over hundreds of trap doors containing live animals ready to set loose and attack a traitor or gladiator. The people pushing the buttons open the trap doors would rile up the animals to make them angry and attack whoever they set their eyes on. The emperor would often put traitors or people who broke Roman law in the colosseum and watch them parish by whatever trap door opened.  Very few gladiators won against their fate inside the colosseums walls and claimed glory. I can’t imagine being a gladiator and fighting for my life and dying just for glory.  When they beat any lion, tiger, or some vicious animal the winner would win money and fame. Romans found entertainment in watching men die and fight for their lives. But much hasn’t changed in modern times. Today Americans watch men punch each other as hard as they can in boxing and knock each other as hard as one can in football.
 The Roman Colosseum still stands today and people can even take tours inside the amphitheatre. Many movies have been made explaining the lives of gladiators fighting in the Colosseum like the hit movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe. If I get the chance to go to Rome I know that seeing the Colosseum will be an eye opening experience to see something built over two thousand years ago.

The colosseum is where emperors ordered fights to start and traitors to be killed in public to make an example. A place where poor Romans would save up their money to escape their life’s for a while. The Roman Colosseum a place for more than just death, a place where people could escape their own reality to watch someone else’s end. 
By: Myriah Catalano  




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