Wednesday, October 16, 2013

About the Blogger

Hola everyone, my name is Jake and I am an applicant for the scholarship to Rome. I’m sixteen years young and I am a junior at Sacramento Charter High School. I am a pretty eccentric kid, I like to ride my bike, go to concerts, and meet nice people.
There are lots of reasons why I applied for this scholarship. I see this scholarship as a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if I want it I have to go get. This will help me open my mind and allow me to see new things, and experience a new culture in another country. I can’t wait to see the city life of Rome, because I absolutely love the urban lifestyle. I actually live downtown in Sacramento, and I’ve heard that the city in Rome is just gorgeous and full of energy every single day. I’m also looking forward to seeing the local graffiti and street art scene, and maybe even meeting some local artists if I happen to run by any of them. One weird reason I want to go is that one of my favorite bands is from Rome, so I just want to go to say I went to the place of their origin.
Researching Ancient Rome was my favorite part of the timeline. The myth behind how Rome was founded is such a cool story, and it leaves everyone today in a kind of confused state of “How was it really founded?” The two brothers Romulus and Remus were raised by a she-wolf (in some accounts a shepherd’s wife) and returned to their rightful throne when they grew up. The brother’s had a dispute over where their kingdom would be and in the end Romulus killed Remus, which was how the city of Rome acquired its name.  

-Jake Brazier


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