Monday, October 21, 2013

Attila and Attila the Hun

Learning about Rome this weekend with Mr. Dundov was pretty rad to say the least. What I liked the most is probably a bit different than everyone else though. I loved learning a little bit about Attila the Hun, because one of my favorite bands is named Attila.
Just yesterday I was at Ace of Spades to see a whole bunch of bands and in that mix of bands is one of my favorites, Attila. This weekend we learned how Attila the Hun was one of the many reasons why the Roman Empire fell. I just love that I learned this knowledge before seeing them yesterday, because it gave me an insight into the meaning behind their name. Trust me, the name of their band totally fits, because their music is very brutal.
Attila the Hun is the man who ruled the Hun Empire. He was feared all across the land, crossed the Danube twice, and took over the Balkans. Attila wasn’t defeated until TheBattle of the Catalaunian Plains.
-Jake Brazier


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