Monday, October 28, 2013

They did Drama First..

This Saturday I did not get a chance to attend the seminar on Greek mythology because of the ACT. In short terms I was very upset because in last years competition we didn't have a Greek mythology seminar and I was really looking forward to attending this one. I already had a short general knowledge of what Greek mythology was but, I was looking forward to getting better and in depth lesson on the history and what it really stood for. Everybody said we missed out on a lot but, even though I wasn't there I was still able to pick up on a few things and add to what I already knew. Many things that exist today have been influenced by mythical stories or beliefs; to movies to plays or even to various arts. If you really pay attention to some Disney movies you will catch a lot of Greek mythology within the content, my favorite of which is also a good example is Hercules. When it comes to plays many stories were based off beliefs of Gods that controlled different aspects of the universe, and when it comes to art there are endless amounts of different types of work that were majorly influenced by the ideas of Gods that played different roles in changing the world. Ideas like this still live on today and are maybe hidden throughout various amounts of different literature or new forms of art.
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There are countless stories on different gods who played different roles in life and in nature. There are also endless amounts of ideas of what these gods might have looked like and people took it upon themselves to interpret their own visions of them. Each God or descended of a god had a story behind who they were and most of the time how they got there name, and each one had a power which they used however they felled.  Every story of a mythological character had a lot of drama and sometimes the drama tied In with another god. There powers always tied in will the story that was told which made everyone some what sound believable. Not every god was a "good" one some possessed powers of chaos war and darkness, but they still found a balance.

-Malik Lee


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