Thursday, October 17, 2013

World of Creation and to New Things

     Born on this beautiful earth, I was given the name Meryssa Avianne Mayshack. I am now a senior at Sacramento High School and a proud applicant of the Context Travel scholarship. As time moved forward I embraced my name along with many of my god given talents drumming, cooking, and creating works of art. Not only do I enjoy my talents, but I enjoy my hobbies such as playing basketball, writing and sketching.
     Though I love many of these things, I have always wanted to pursue my dream of travel. Context Travel has opened an opportunity for students like me to travel and I just could not reject it. Though this is my second time applying, words can not explain my determination.  A scholarship to Rome from Context Travel is a blessing and I am willing to work hard for it. I believe anything is possible and this scholarship is what makes it possible. I understood the possibilities and what this scholarship is capable of. It can change lives and influence young students who are still trying to figure out their future. This scholarship can be an inspiration towards others for a better future and a student like me who wants to become a CEO to better environments is in the right direction when applying and competing for this scholarship. 
     Rome is a beautiful place full of art. I have been involved with art my entire life. When getting the chance to explore Rome for all the great things it possesses I only expect one thing, to be astonished by its unique qualities. I want to be able to say "wow!" but of course I already know that my expectations will be met.
     Before I get the chance to explore Rome, I have the chance to research such as a timeline. As I was creating this timeline I came across the Renaissance period of Rome which I found most interesting. The Renaissance of Rome was meant to give the city another chance. In fact the name Renaissance means rebirth and with the chance to start over, the people of Rome thought it would be perfect to create new things. At that time of the 16th century art was the prime object. It was the time of letting emotions prosper through your work of art and that is how many artists became famous today.
     With such a great opportunity to explore new things and travel to new places, I am honored to say thank you to context travel and this is just the beginning of my expedition.

--Meryssa Mayshack

The beginning of a new beginning


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