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My god isn't always your god


My god isn't always your god

              Last Saturday was an informational and kind of confusing seminar. We first started the class with the Romans myth adopted from the culture that they conquered as their empire expanded. Romans made the Greek gods their myths.  Romans mostly used the gods as symbols rather than the humanistic and involved deities they were used for the Greeks. Rome wasn’t the only one that stole the stories from Greece. The Greeks got mostly of their myths from the Mesopotamians culture as they conquered them. With these myths they were able to make great art of the Greek gods. The part that was confusing was that there was so many different stories that was told; but Ms. White did said that there so many different stories because it depend on the person that is telling the stories, but some part of the myth is going to similar. With this in mine this mean that there is no right or wrong answer.

             The firs myth came back as far as 8th century BC of questionable origins. The first gods was Chaos (Nothing/Void), Gaia (Everything/Earth), Eros (Love/Desire), and Tartaros (underworld). These groups of gods are called the Hesiod’s Theogany. The next generation of gods came from the two most important gods of the 8th century BC. The first group of children was the kids of Chaos. Some of Chaos kids were Nyx (Night), Exebes (Darkness), Aither (brightness), Hemora (Day), and many more. The Greeks believed that Chaos kids values; hardship, battle, quarrels, wars, murder, lies, anarchy, ruin, pain, starvation. Most of these items have something in common, its things that you can feel. The second set of kids was the kids of Gaia. Gaia kids were Ourea (Mountains), Pentos (seas), Ouramo (sky), 12 titans, 3 Cyclopes, 3 Hundred Arms. Gaia kids were mostly things that you can touch.

            I know you probably asking, who is the twelve titans, 3 Cyclopes, and 3 Hundred Arms? Well that’s a great question and I will answer it. The 3 Cyclopes was a creature that was in Gaia stomach because Chaos was scared that one of his children was going to kill him and take over his powers. All of the children were in the stomach of Gaia, not only the 3 Cyclopes. When all the creatures and the gods inside of Gaia was released there was only two of her kids that decided to be bad and leave there mother. Those two groups were the 3 Cyclopes and the 3 Hundred Arms. The titans were the only ones that stated with their mother and father. But there was one of the sons that thought that his dad was doing something wrong. So, the youngest of the twelve titans decided to defeat his dad and that was Cronors.

When Cronors got older he decided to have kids with his sister, Thera. When, Cronors and Thera had kids, Cronors didn’t do the same method that his dad did. This time Cronors decided to keep all of his kids on Earth. But, like the other myth there always got to be a person that defeat their dad. This time it was the older son. Just kidding, it was the youngest son again, Zeus. When Zeus killed his father, he became the most powerful gods of the Greek myth. Zeus didn’t do the same thing that his dad and his grandpa did. He decided to have no kids and that’s how Zeus became the most powerful god of the Greek myth.

When you are talking about Greek myth, you always got to remember that there was not only one story. But, it hear some stories and hear a story that don’t sound kind of the stories that you have been hearing then it probably wrong or he or she have got there stories from somebody that didn’t know that much about Greek mythology. With that in mind, do you ever think that somebody is going to find the right and correct story about the Greeks very interesting and kind of strange stories? Do you also believe that there can be more then one story of the myths that were told by the Greeks?
-Roynell Anderson


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