Monday, October 21, 2013

 Caesar and his Military: Is it to much POWER?

            In Mr. Dundov’s seminar last Saturday, I found out that the Romans believed in taking over a city and forcing the people to work with them by using propaganda and telling them that they can get anything they want. Rome first started with there own country to take over. The reason why Rome was successful to take over other cities and countries was because their military have been training at a young age and some other states would use poor and homeless people to fight for there counties freedom. When Rome took over Italy they build Colosseums to show that they took over that city or country. Rome built Colosseums in the Middle East and states around Rome. Rome also made roads in cities that they took over for they can transport goods easily and have an advantage on the other people they were fighting. The Romans’ roads were mostly made out of stone and rocks and were mostly bumping. You probably thinking, “Rome was a great place to live in?” Well, it was until 300 B.C., let’s go back in time and see what really happen.

            Back in 300 B.C., there was one person that tried to take over Rome by using elephants. This person name was Hannibal from the city of Carthage; he was the closes of defeating the Roman Empire until his elephants had no water or food and died of starvation. During that time there was other fights going on and it was against the first triumvirates. The triumvirates were Julius Caesar, Posey, and Crassus. These three friends started fighting because Posey had threaten Caesar that when he come back to Rome he will be arrested. When Caesar heard of the threat, he was laughing and thought that it was funny that his friend was going to fight him just because the power of the government was getting to his head.

            When Caesar came back to Rome in 49 B.C., Posey got scared and ran off to another city and hided there until he know that it was safe for him to come back to Rome. By Caesar coming back, Caesar made the republican government into an Empire. The republican government was first split up into two consulus (rulers); Senate (Patricians) and Tribal Assembly (Plebeians). After Caesar changing the government into Empire, he started to take over cities north of him. Until he got to a city name Alassim which was ran by Versengatrix. He was the closes one to defeat the Romans and gave Caesar the best fight of his life, but one brilliant idea Caesar used that gave him the title as the best general in the world.

            Caesar brilliant idea was that Caesar will build a wall around the city of Alassim but will only put a little walkway on the edge of the wall. When Versengatrix saw this he sends some of his troops to get help from other cities north of him. When Caesar saw this happen, Caesar built some traps and another wall around the wall that he originally built. This blocked the troops on the outside of the walls. Versengatrix citizens were getting hungry and had limited of food. So, Versengatrix put out the women and there children because he thought that the Romans was going to get them and the women and the children was eating up the food and they needed to save as much food they can to survive.

            When Versengatrix saw that Caesar wasn’t taking the women and the children, he brought them back into Alassim. 13 months later, Versengatrix gave up and Caesar became the best general in the world until the Romans stabbed him 23 times because he started to get to greedy with the power and treated the citizens bad.

            Caesar was a general that only believed in the work of his government. After a fight and a threat from his friends, Caesar started to become overpowered with the leadership he got assigned to. If Caesar would have changed the way he ran the government, he probably wouldn’t have been killed in a hurtful way. They always say that good things have to come to an end but this good thing only made Rome worse and had other cities and countries fighting against them. Do you think that Rome is better with Caesar or with the republican government? Nobody knows now and it will never be found out unless you were there to see it happen in real life. 

-Roynell Anderson


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