Monday, October 21, 2013


            The seminar class on Saturday was a review of Roman history that I had learned during my sophomore year. Even though some of the information was repetitive, I was still fascinated of the successful accomplishments throughout the span of the empire. Romans accomplished so many advancements in architecture. I was interested of the fact that Romans took on old-fashioned methods of building structures and created more advanced and beautiful buildings. Roman advances in technology include the actual invention of concrete, roads, roman arches, and aqueducts.

            The Romans used concrete to have strong buildings that would last for an extended amount of time. Concrete was used to build the Colosseum, which explains why it is still standing today. Concrete enabled the Romans were able to create domes that rests on top of buildings. Concrete helped to create multi-storied buildings with different weights of concrete. It was also used to make buildings and roads for the military and citizens to travel easier, faster. Romans were able to have better communication with other empires around them as the roads grew to other lands.

            Arches were made of stone, brick, or concrete. They were made of a mixture of lime and volcanic sand that was able to support strong structures. The arches supported the small constructions, such as storerooms and roofs of buildings. They were able to build massive structures, such as aqueducts, which provided water to cities. The Arch of Trajan is a famous arch monument made to celebrate Emperor Trajan across the Via Appia, at its entrance in the city. Arches allowed enormous structures like the Colosseum to have enough support to not crumble and stay standing.

            Roman history is interesting in that Romans made huge advancements in building monuments. Romans invented new methods of building structures that made it a lot simpler for people to communicate and live easier lives through the invention of roads. It was interesting to learn how modern buildings are used with traditional inventions of Romans.
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