Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting Lost in the world of La langue: Le François
  Imagine you're in this amazing world of the French language, a three hour world, but still you are learning the basics of the language while letting this amazing culture sink into your mind. I mean how wonderful is that?! It wasn't until the seminar on Saturday that I care to notice how many French words and phrases the American culture uses and have been using. I also learned that this wonderful language can be a challenge but with hard work and dedication it is possible to at least know the basics. So hang on tight as I briefly go over the basics.

 Did you know that these are common French words that the American culture uses all of the time.......
- Café
-Déjà vu
 Isn't that amazing? It's like you already speak French! The next thing I found fascinating is that there are so many cities in America that have French names like....

-Detroit, Michigan
-Charlotte, North Carolina
-St.Louis, Missouri
-Louisville, Kentucky
-Baton Rouge, Louisiana
-Orange, California

Who's hungry? Let's talk food the French Way! Here are some common and well known French food....
-Fromage (cheese)
-Configure (jam)
-Pâtés et Poisson (fish)
-Glace a la Vanille (ice cream)
-Poulet Frites (French fries)
-Jus de Pomme (apple juice)
-Soupe a l' Oignon (Onion soup)
-Yaourt (yogurt)

 How can we be in such a world without knowing how to greet in French or know some expressions? Here are some basic things you will have to know....

-bonjour (hello)
-Como tu t'appalles? (How are you)
-Salva (I'm doing good)
-A plus yard (Good bye)
-Je ne parle pas Français (I do not speak French)
-Je suis content (I am happy)
-Pardon, excuesez moi (sorry)
-Merci (thank you)
 What's a French world without knowing numbers such as....

 What about colors? Is your brain on its way to exploding? Just hang in there....


 What a language, what a world! There is so much to the French language, but just be patient and dedicated; you will get there!



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