Monday, October 28, 2013

Mythology is a Myth

I missed out on the last current seminar on Saturday. Though I was not able to attend I was still able to obtain Information on the topic Greek mythology. There are so many different pieces and aspects to the general knowledge of mythology itself it is a little hard to comprehend. The thing about mythology is that it is all about myths. You are not sure if anything is true and there are no facts, just stories that were passed down since the beginning of time. Of course in the passed there was not technology such as electricity so these stories and myths were told orally and sometimes the details were a bit switched up and changed. Versions of these stories were told but the main points were kept to keep the generality of it all. 
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Rome had a bit of mythology, especially when trying to find the truth of how the city was founded. Rome was built on the satisfaction of power and similar to some other myths there was a dispute between two brothers and one murders the other. Just as myths are told there were several other versions of how Rome was founded, but the story of the two brothers was the most popular and believed. It is not certain that it was true, but only by belief it is known. Another connection with Rome and mythology is the civilization of the Etruscans. They were sought out to be only a myth because no one knew where they came from as well. The Etruscans was a cultural civilization that gave the Romans inspiration and the capability to borrow ideas from them. The idea of the foundation to the Etruscans and their civilization was not just unknown, but doesn't have a myth tied to it either. Their existence is a myth itself.  

Myths are not meant to be solved, but to be believed like a fairytale. As a child, mythology is taught by the basics and fundamentals, but not told the whole story due to the incest and bestiality of mythological stories and creatures. Myths were originally created to take place of any unknown answers to questions that were asked. It is up to you to believe them or not, but because answers cannot be found, myths are believed until the facts are found, even through Rome. 
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--Meryssa Mayshack


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