Monday, October 21, 2013

History of the Little Things

Though I haven't slept for some days now, the history of Rome still runs through my mind fresh. From Rome's entertainment down to their government system, Rome has given us as a country a lot to endure. Rome can't take all the credit though; they have adopted and borrowed many things from other civilizations such as the Etruscans. Of course Rome has their own things they abide by such as their government of the Roman Republic. They created the 12 tables, the first laws providing political and social rights. Influenced or not, the past has caught up to our future and little things like entertainment, architecture, and politics is major to our everyday lives even though it is easily overlooked. The little things are what make our era today.
Our seminar teacher this week mentioned that little things such as roads and entertainment that is still used today were created by Romans. To me I feel that our society is grateful. Without roads or streets or highways how would any of us know our way to our destinations? When first made, roads started out as rocks and gravel to smooth out the land, this was called The Appian Way, the first road created. Though it was slippery when wet, it prevented grass from growing through it and was permanent and long lasting for transportation, goods, trade and especially military. Today we incorporate roads to our everyday lives as streets made out of asphalt.
Entertainment is also an important thing in our lives, but also a little thing. Currently we watch boxing, wrestling, and UFC. Believe it or not it consists of violence and sometimes tragic losses. Romans were considered ruthless and barbaric because they were thrilled by the violence of their entertainment. Instead of a boring television screen, The Colloseum was the main place where people wanted to be. It was in person who made it real and if the person were in front row, then it would be like 3D. The battle between man versus man or man versus animal to the death gave people something interesting to see, so people actually paid money to see such things just like we pay five dollars for a morning action movie at the theaters. The excitement was their entertainment and we incorporate that type of entertainment today.
Though life has developed and changed a bit over many years, the past is in our present and future. The little things in life make a big difference because roads and entertainment are a big deal. Without roads there would be people stranded and without entertainment there would be boredom. Life is filled with beautiful things and thanks to Rome; the little things became beautiful because little things matter.  
-- Meryssa Mayshack

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