Sunday, October 27, 2013

Teenage Confessions of a Dark Goddess

The Future Queen of Darkness or the embodiment of Night is a lot to live up to. Especially when you're the daughter of Chaos. I am writing to relieve my stress of the things that make my dark life. I’m not always trouble, I like to think of myself of neither good nor bad. Just don't get on my bad side or you’ll regret it. I am an elemental goddess and a very big part of the universe, or so my dad says. It’s hard not knowing who my mother is and my dad being gone all the time wreaking havoc. So I am mostly home alone in Hades and rarely travel to the human world. It’s my dream to go to the mortal world by myself but my dad says I can't do that until I pass my Goddess Exams. The Goddess Exams are a test a young goddess must pass to claim her title and get her full powers. So far, I know I can control anything mysterious that happens at night, and I also have prophetic dreams. Lately, my prophecies show me killing people and shielding spies in some future war. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. A part of me hates how I like the evil and a part of me loves how much I need it to survive and the rush it gives me.
My father sent me a thought today. A thought is a conversation Gods can have in their heads no matter the distance. My Father said this “I want you to try and seduce Zeus and take the Kingdom. After you pass your Goddess Exams.” I was astonished and a little excited to do something so mischievous. Zeus has been trying to get with me ever since I was 15. I always denied his advances because he has a really big ego, a really big God complex. That’s just not my thing. I had a prophecy that I will meet Erebus, the God of Darkness, and he will become my partner. Also, that we will have many children including Death, Sleep, Anger, Misery, Doom, and Dreams. That is a lot of children! And most Goddesses make the children on their own!
I have a sister her name is Herma she is the complete opposite of me. She is the embodiment of Light and all things pure. I barely know her and when we do see each other its only merely a hello. There’s this rule where if she’s out, I must be at home and vise versa. I guess we can't be out together at the same time or the mortals will freak out because it causes chaos and a solar eclipse. I just wish we could actually get to know each other maybe I’ll send her a thought one day.
I am very nervous for my Goddess Test its next Monday. What if I don’t pass? What are my other powers? Does this mean I can leave dreary Hades and go to Tartarus, the place of my brother? The gates have opened that must mean my father’s home. I must go greet him. I’ll write again soon.
- Nyx (Myriah Catalano)



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