Saturday, October 19, 2013

RoMe and Me: The TYTTS Style


Salvete! Everyone my name is Roynell Anderson and I’m a junior at Sacramento Charter High School. As my three years at Sacramento High School, I have been the team manager and assistant coach for the Sacramento High School girl varsity basketball team. As my three years working as an assistant coach, I have to take many responsibilities into my own hand. I am a student that likes to learn more or new material about a new country or anything that I didn’t know. Sometimes I see myself as a fish looking for water. If a fish don’t get water then it will die. Sometimes, I think that if I don’t have any new knowledge, then I will be like the fish without water; dead. I am also a caring and respectful person that loves to make new friends and go to fun events like sport events and many more.                                                 
I applied for Context Travel because as me being a student that likes to learn new material and the history of countries or cities that I have never been to, I think that Context Travel will be a good opportunity for me to see how Rome is different from Sacramento and how lucky Sacramento has it compare to other cities that probably can’t get the same opportunity that Sacramento or American can get from other countries. Also, I believe that Context Travel can really transform me through travel.
            All of the information that I learn about Rome was festinating but there was only one chapter that caught my mind and I thought it was an important topic to talk about or write about. The chapter that impressed me the most was Ancient Rome. Ancient Rome was a thriving civilization that began growing on the ideas that the Italians as early as the 8th century BC. Located along the Mediterranean Sea and created on the city of Rome. I found out that the ancient roman used Latin as there primary source of speaking. This is great for me to learn about because the Romans had to found a new way to talk to each other and Latin was that language. It’s also great that the Romans know Latin because Latin has some great words that sound different. For Example, the word Salvete mean Hi in Latin and it’s always good to learn new words that sound different from what you are familiar to.                                                


Two of the humanities that I found great about the Ancient Rome were the way they cooked and how they use catholic as they religion. The ancient Romans eats breakfast at dawn and eat no dinner, they only eat again at noon for there second breakfast and eat supper in the evening. This was important to me because it was good to see how Rome is different from USA and how different its going to be if I go to Rome and have to eat by there rules. I think that it’s good that Rome have different time to eat because some people don’t like to dinner or eat at the time they are forced to eat at. The second material that I found important is that the ancient Romans used catholic as there religion. This is great for me to learn because I am a Christian and I want to see how Christianity and Catholicism are similar and different. I will also like to see how a catholic church is run and learn new material about Catholics and their religion.

Being at Sac High has given a lot of opportunity to try out new clubs and shows how being in Context Travel can change your life. Before I started working on my timeline for Context Travel, I didn’t know that much about Rome. After me doing the timeline, I found out new and important material that will help me in Rome. This opportunity is one in a lifetime opportunity and I hope I can get a chance to show off my knowledge of what I learned about Rome.

-Roynell Anderson



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