Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art Through My Eyes

The ribbed arches of the interior and exterior of the Siena Cathedral draw my gaze to the elaborate detail of work put into crafting the beautiful project. The Gothic design is a work of art in which I hope to one day view with my very own eyes. Hello Context! I am a high school senior. I am competing for my dream in life to see the craftsmanship of architects such as Antonio da Sangallo the Elder (creator of the church Madonna di San Biagio) and Domenico Fontana (creator of the church St. Peter's Basilica). I am especially interested in architecture from styles of Romanesque to Gothic  I wish to win to see buildings of art in person for pictures and videos of different masterpieces give meaningless value to the real craftsmanship and detail of each work of art.

Since I cherish Gothic architecture the utmost, my preferred period is Renaissance Rome. Gothic architecture styles developed during the time of the Renaissance. New techniques of using arches, vaults, and domes became incorporated into buildings of churches and temples. For example, the Renaissance period in Rome is home to the architect Leone Battista Alberti who built Basilica of Sant'Andrea (a Roman Catholic co-cathedral), which contained the first huge arches in architecture. New techniques in the development of architecture helped Romans build magnificent monuments that still stand today, which I hope to see one day.

Gothic architecture is a style that fascinates me to keep constant motivation to find ways to one day view the beauty of architectural art. Visiting Rome would give me experience to see if architecture is not just a passionate hobby but an actual career. 

Kiarra Sims-Jean


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