Sunday, October 5, 2014

Change is the Best Way to GO?

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Who ever thought that a woman can run a military and lead them to victory? Yes, Ms. Joan of Arc helped the France get their independents from Britain in The Hundred Years’ War. The Hundred Years’ War was a war that was fought on and off between France and Britain. Fighting a war on and off is the best way to fight a war because you are able to fight your opponent and know their strategy, then your able to rest or regroup and then go into battle rejoiced and ready to fight. It was a smart military strategy and I think the French mastered this strategy great. It’s shocked me that a girl led the French’s army to victory because you usually don’t see women being leaders of armies. After The Hundred Years’ War, the French betrayed Joan of Arc and burned Joan of Arc on a stake. This reminds me of Shakespeare’s plays because Shakespeare always has somebody being betrayed by their friend or people that they trust.

            The Hundred Years’ War was not the only war that the French and Britain fought in. They also fought in the Seven Years’ War against each other again. This time France didn't have Joan of Arc to help them. They had the humanity of South America to thanks for the win. It was hard to fight on South America’s land because it’s a new land that both teams were not familiar with. Both armies had to find their own food and find ways to survive. But how can you do this when you don’t know that much about another country? Well to tell you the truth, nine times out of ten, you are not able to do this and I think that was the reason why both team was able to get a lead over each other.

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            The Seven Years’ War was the start of the French Revolution. During the French Revolution, the French came up with a government named Kingdom of France. Kingdom of France was broke up into three estates. The First Estate was the high ranking members of the church and the government trusted them to collect money from the Second Estate and the Third Estate. The Second Estate was the noble people and they also collected tax from the Third Estate. The Third Estate was the poor class and they usually were the ones that paid taxes. The Kingdom of France reminds me of the social system that we have here in America. The rich class is the First Estate, the Second Estate is the middle class, and the Third Estate is the poor class. When ever the French people had a meeting, they had representatives from each of the estates. During the meetings the First Estate and the Second Estate would gain up on the Third Estate. I think they did this because the First Estate and the Second Estate where the two richest groups in France and nobody wanted to work with the Third Estate because the Third Estate was the poorest. Would you do the same thing if you were a First Estate living in France?
-Roynell Anderson


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