Friday, October 3, 2014

The Beauty of Paris

My name is Rebeca Vargas, I am a senior at Sacramento high school and a future business women. I am applying to contexts travel scholarship to Paris because I want to learn about the culture and lifestyle of Paris citizen. Also, as the oldest and only girl out of my three brothers, I want to set an example and not only show my brothers but also my community that anything is possible. I've lived in California all my life and I have only reached to Reno, Nevada other than that I have not been out of California . Coming from an immigrant and low income family, traveling is a limited topic at home. However, I am determined to expand my knowledge through travel even if I do not get the privilege of this wonderful opportunity.  In Paris, I look forward to meeting context docents because they are intellectuals and experts that will share information regarding Paris history, art, architecture, and many other topics. I admire the beauty of Paris buildings and landscape and seeing these beautiful sites is one of my biggest dreams.

The Belle Époque era in Paris interested me the most because the art reflected mostly on the  women's beauty and positive environment. The optimism and peace during this time period created a relaxing mood and with the research that I have made, was an era of flourishing literature and innovations. Literature in this time period was based on realism and naturalism. After France had been a part of the revolution and dark ages this period reflected the complete opposite and shows the highlights of Paris history. For artist like Vincent Van Gogh, this time in Paris increased the interest of art. Although, Vincent Van Gogh died during this time period many artists started to admire his work and accomplishments which then lead to the attention of the public. Knowing that France was involved in many wars and downfalls, this part of my research caught my attention and inspired me to learn more about art and history. Thank you for your time. 

-Rebeca Vargas   


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