Sunday, October 19, 2014

Interpreting Stories in a Painting

       Last Saturday I learned about different styles of art used in France. One thing about art is that I enjoy it but it has always been hard for me to interpret it correctly. After Saturdays seminar I was able to interpret one of the paintings which was called The Swing a rococo painting by Fragonard. This is why rococo is now my favorite style of paintings. Rococo was the outcome of baroque style of painting staring in France in the late 18th century. This form of painting used more colors and is more playful but was not liked much  because of the themes of the paintings so it came to a quick end. In this blog I posted a few rococo paintings that I enjoyed along with the interpretations of them. I suggest that you should try and interpret paintings before reading it is more exciting that way.
File:Fragonard, The Swing.jpg
wikkimedia commons: Jean-Honoré Fragonard

When looking this painting, The Swing, I thought the woman in the picture was just having fun on a swing .Then I noticed the man under her just staring up at her and she is swinging her legs seductively. I thought at first maybe it was just me until Ms. Evertt also pointed it out. Looking further into rococo art I learned to start noticing the statues. What I did not notice before was the statues which tell the bigger scandal. First you have Cupid with his finger up to his lips indicating to not say anything looking down at the other two statues. One of the statues is staring up at the woman and the other statue looks away with a sour look on its face as if being displeased. Why would it be displeased?  The man pushing the woman, her husband, does not see the other man under the swing being hidden by the bushes. This is painting indicates an affair going on.
Fragonard The Bolt
picturalissim: Jean-Honoré Fragonard
 With this painting, The Bolt,I was not so great with. Looking at this I thought the man is about to slap the woman in the painting. His hand is in the air one of her hands is up as if to stop him. when looking up information about the painting there is an opposite meaning of what I thought. The man is locking the door and the woman is supposedly is getting undressed. Then you have the apple being symbolism of the first sin showing that there is a sin soon to be committed.