Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is it True that you can learn French in 3 hours?.......Let's See.
     Salut (Greetings); Context Travel families. This week was an enjoyable seminar about the French language. This seminar was an important seminar, because if I get the chance to go to Paris, I will have to speak French to interact with Paris’ citizens And I think I have a head start by going to this seminar. During the seminar, we learned how to speak French by numbers, greetings, colors, and by telling time. The French language and the America language are similar in so many ways. To show the common French words in the English language, I made a chart that explain the two similarities.

English definition
French Language
A type of dancing
A bunch of flowers
A Shop
A coffee shop or a coffee
The main course of a meal
A person who start their own business
Early movie tickets
   As you can see there are French words that we use everyday and you probably didn't know that it came from the French language. These are only a limited amount of words that is spelled the same in French and English language. Theirs also words like genre meaning type of movie or book, encore meaning another performance, and hors d’oeuvres which means appetizers. If you want to remember French easier, just remember this step.

 The only step you have to remember when speaking French is that the “t” is always silent at the end of the word. For example, the word ballet will be pronounced as /bælˈeɪ/ or As you was able to hear the pronouncing of the word, the “t” was silent and had no effect on the word. 

French is no doubt a hard language to master and it can get confusing. However, if you remember the step that I gave you, then you will be closer to mastering the French language.

I had fun learning a new language and being able to teach what I learned to my family and friends. Merci (Thank You) to Ms.Bowie for the lesson on French language and culture and also thank you to Ms. Everett and Context Travel for the opportunity to do these seminars, I am learning new information every time I go to the seminars. Adieu! (Farewell!) bloggers, I learned a lot about the French language and I hoped that you did too. “Au revoir!” (Goodbye!)
-Roynell Anderson


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