Sunday, October 12, 2014

what is Culture?

Culture is very ambiguous, When people take the time to Dissect the culture of any country many things go into it. Culture is not only the history of a country, but its language spoken. Culture is a countries unique foods and failures. Every little detail of a counties similarities and differences makes the culture.

             Yes I said failures, see the term failure may give people a negative connotation or an image of their parents screaming at them. I remember reading an article in my English class and the article was called "Right to fail" by William Zinsser. What I got from this article was that failure wasn't quitting or giving up before you even attempt to try, but its when you stumble and fall you don't just sit there, you get backup learning and building from your stumble so you don't make the same mistake. You can't let that fall stop you from your Dreams.

             How might this concept connect to French language and culture? Remember Culture has many parts that go into it and history is one of them. Think back to Revolutionary Paris, some people say that era was nothing but straight terror with no order, some say that it was a start. In a sense the ideas are both right because without all that choas in France specifically Paris There wouldn't be the structure they have today. That's failure,  they didnt give up they fought with all they could and yes the people of Paris had its highs and lows but that didn't stop them from wanting or creating a better and modern day Paris. They didn't let their mistakes or what nots get in the way of the Big Picture. They kept trying and by learning and building from their failures they successed and will Continue to be successful, I mean look at Paris its magnificent and breath taking from all the architectural designs.

            The whole opportunity excites me about possibly going to Paris I can experience Paris by using  my 5 senses. To smell a different atmosphere than what I am use to, going to observe art by Picasso. I want to hear the beautiful language and to touch the path of Bastille. I want to let new flavors and spices explored my taste buds.  Well maybe not snails. Paris would be such a phenomenal experience for me.

            --SETA ATES


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