Friday, October 3, 2014

Belle Epoque

Hello, my name is Seta. I'm a Jr at Sacramento High and this is my first time applying to the "Transforming Youth Through Travel Scholarship". I am super excited about the Paris trip, just the idea of Paris drives me crazy! I have always been very fond of Paris and its cultural history. Paris is a breath taking city.Looking over Context Travel's website I learned why they give scholarships. The city allow access to place and cultures people only dream about, to educate and impassion curious travelers. I am applying this year because I feel that there is more to life then the city of Sacramento and I want to experience life in a whole new way and adventure.
                        I have fantasized about what life in Paris is now and during the "Belle Epoque".  I am currently adding the finishing touches on my timeline. This era was also known as the beautiful age and to me it sticks out the most because of How much of a Diamond in the rust it really is. By that I mean,  yes it was a beautiful time to where France had tripled with huge factories, telephones,and the beautiful Entertainment grew with new music styles and performances however the reality of it all was rough. The people during that era was always in constant fear of Germans starting another war to get even, or how some people scapegoated the Jews, blaming them for the horrific war.


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