Friday, October 3, 2014

Paris is Different

Hello, my name is Roynell Anderson, and I’m a senior at Sacramento Charter High School. I have been going to Sacramento Charter High School for all my four years and have seen this school changed positively. This is my second time applying for Context Travel. The first time I applied, I was applying because going to Rome sounded fun and I’m always positive to learn new materials from different places. This process have shown me if you want something, you should go for it. That's the reason why I'm applying for Context Travel again.

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I really liked the idea of going to another country for 11 days. I am applying for this scholarship because when I get to college, I do want to study aboard and this trip will help me to get closer to my dream. As I said in my interview, I want to be a political scientist and by going to Paris and seeing how their government is ran, it will help me as I make laws for Congress and make this world a better place.

I am looking forward to see the way Paris is ran. When I think of Paris, I see it as a city that does sleep, like New York City. However, it probably isn’t like New York City. I hope I do get the chance to go to Paris because their no better way to learn about a city without seeing the city for yourself. I’m looking forward to learning and speaking the language of the Paris's citizens. I know that it will be a challenge, but its a challenge that I'm willing to take.

The important part of my timeline was the 21st Century of Paris. It shocked me that Paris has changed their religion since they have been created. For my timeline, I am doing a board game named What Time Period Are You In? I got my idea from a Paris board game named Small World. In What Time Period Are You In, you are trying to find out what time period you are in. This year I wanted to do something that is personal to me. I created this board game because I am a kind person and a person that likes to have fun. To me, board games are fun so, I made my timeline into a board game. I hope you like it and enjoy it. Thank You for giving me a second chance to do this process again. What do I have planned next? I don't know. It's a surprise to me too.

credit to google images

-Roynell Anderson


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