Friday, October 3, 2014

Transforming Me

Hello, my name is Dazhawna Miller, I am proud to say I am a student attending Sacramento High School. Attending Sacramento High I learned more about what I needed to know to be able to get into college. From that knowledge I have transformed in a huge way moving from an average student, to now being one of the top. As an extracurricular activity I play in a drum line and I am also in Expressions of Praise, a dance group at my church. For community service I operate a camera for a live international broadcast which is also at my church, Calvary Christian Center. I am applying for this scholarship because I would like to see myself transform even more before I go to college. I am taking this opportunity to do just that, because going to Paris has always been a dream and aspiration of mine. Everyone has moments when they are deeply in thought of what they want to do, and imagine that moment in life they wish to have. Going to Paris is that moment in life that I always think of. From being a child wanting to be a famous model in Paris, just to be able to walk on their runway. Then to become a designer having my designs hung up in stores in Paris. Now my dream is to be a successful business woman that sells my product internationally able to go to Paris at any day or time. Going to Paris I am looking forward to seeing the different fashions and architectural designs of Paris. So I would love to see Chartres Cathedral and to do the shopping in Paris walking seminar. I am also hoping to have an experience that will change me for the better, helping me pick up greater qualities. This is an opportunity and experience no one else can offer. To me Paris is that fantasy world that is not real but now with this opportunity can become reality, Now that I actually have a chance of going on this trip with a scholarship, I am jumping at this opportunity.
    What I really enjoyed learning about was Belle Époque. Not only does this have a beautiful name; but, this is my favorite section of the timeline because it was a time of joy and happiness for many Parisians. This section of history reminded me of the Gilded Age which was my favorite section in U.S. History. Sadly they both end poorly. During this time there was peace and prosperity. Reading further in it I learned it really was not fully the reality. I like how there was more depth into it and the negatives actually came out. When reading about Belle Époque was like reading a fascinating story that just got deeper and deeper. Although it was a beautiful era, there were still dark times. The negatives were that people saw the age as impure, and this was blamed on other races, which caused racial tensions. Then working conditions were not pleasant for many, and that this era ended when World War I started. The positives of this era were that lower class did rise up from the advancements; and the food, technology, and entertainment all improved during this era. Overall reading about Belle Époque was a very fascinating era to me.


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