Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Eiffle tower got me here.

"Eiffel Tower Paris 01" by Waithamai - Own work.Wikimedia Commons 


For many years I have developed an obsession towards the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. However, I came into TYTT with no actual knowledge about the french culture or lifestyle. Throughout the past few months I have been exposed to amazing things that have taught me not only about france but also have shaped my aspirations of going to college, specifically to a college that will challenge me to get out my comfort zone. I came in with confidence at the beginning because I felt like I was prepared. However, I was not. Some of the seminars, like language were challenging because I felt like I was exaggerating on my pronunciations or not good enough to get it right. I realized that I needed to explore this world before going in. So I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could. Its amazing that in a few months I have gain so much from TYTT. Besides the struggles I learned to stand up for myself against my cultural norms. My parents have taught me to work hard to get what I desire in life, however ironically they complain that I do too many things at school like clubs. I understand that they want the best for me and they advise me to focus completely on my grades but, the extracurricular activities that I do keep me going and helps me expand my knowledge and skills. I love to learn and TYTT has given me more to put on my plate but I enjoy it and that is what keeps me motivated towards success.  
The trip to San Francisco with TYTT applicants and Rick Evans inspired me to expand and travel beyond my initial aspirations. San Francisco was a great experience that challenged me to think outside the box, outside my community and to move away from my expectations. I gained so much from this trip about the architecture of San Francisco that I want to take my family and show they everything I learned. It was a true honor to be part of the walk in San Francisco with amazing people. Just like San Francisco I want to leave my heart not only in Pairs, France but all around the world.
"Love locks (12621739954)" by Miguel Mendez from Malahide, Ireland
Looking back today, to before I applied for this TYTT scholarship I became a fan of Paris just by seeing it through photographs and descriptions, it is hard to believe that that idea of visiting Paris and seeing the Eiffel tower for the first time has grown from a desire to a reality where I am working towards to. Regardless whether I am chosen or not for this scholarship its is something that I am looking forward to and TYTT has build that dream inside me, telling me that anything is possible. I have grown out of my shy shell throughout my high school years but context travel has motivated me to become an intellectual person like Rick Evans. Coming from a Hispanic Background in a household that is close knitted, it is sometimes hard to explore the world. At least for me, as the only and oldest girl, its been difficult to venture out into the world. I want to exceed the expectation that society has set for me: to finish high school and build a family at a young age. Its hard to oppose these pressures but I want to grow and not be another number, another statistic. I want to be successful and do what I like to do and that means continuing to learn and explore the world so that one day someone can admire me as I admire the people I’ve met through context travel.  

-Rebeca Vargas


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