Wednesday, December 10, 2014


             I am very thankful for this experience. Each seminar depend my love and curiosity for different cultures. Through every seminar and after every blog I was happy because I gained more knowledge about another world.  The French culture showed that the arts and culture can be powerful influences internationally. I am happy with the knowledge I have gained because I know there is more to France
than what I’ve seen and I am excited about that. Every culture has some extraordinary asset and I want to acknowledge their gifts. This application was totally worth it because it challenged my ambition and increased my knowledge about outside worlds.

            Since the first blog I have grown tremendously and I thank the TYTT Scholarship for the application process. Writing several blogs have increased my exposer to the type of career I’d like to pursue, which is journalism. This application process challenged me because I had to write a blog and submit it at specific time. The time deadline has hinted what a journalist would have to go through. I will
have to face more deadlines as a journalist because stories will have to be published. Therefore I am honored to have experience the TYTT Scholarship because it is preparing me for my future.

             After every seminar I grew with a deeper passion to learn about different cultures. Learning about the French history, art, langue, and architecture enlighten me by realizing there was much more to my world. From the seminars I learned the French had to experience multiple revolutions to gain true independence. In the arts Picasso and Matisse were well known and created cubism and abstract paintings.  When speaking French one has to consider the gender and status of a person when being
addressed. In addition to the langue and culture French architecture was another form of art. The gothic cathedrals and the extravagant castles showed the exaggerated the importance of the build and its purpose.  Also I became intrigued and eager to learn more about other worlds because every culture has their own beauty and I need to experience all of them. The French seminars are only a tip to the ice burg of beautiful cultures I will encounter.

            I am very thankful for this experience. My love and curiosity for different cultures has increased and I am ready to learn more about all cultures. Each seminar and blog has increased the fuel to my burning passion for learning.  From the cathedrals to jazz I grew as I increased my knowledge about the French culture. I am delighted with the knowledge I have gained because I know there is more to France and I will gain the full experience one day in life. In conclusion I am very blessed and thankful for this opportunity and I will continue to learn and experience more cultures because every world has a beauty within them. Applying was worth it  challenged and inspired me to study more about different cultures. Thank you for this opportunity.

La'Shay Hankerson


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