Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Unforgettable Experience

This experience has allowed me to grow personally throughout the process. I have become a little more adventurous with the little things in life that describes me. I now try foods that I have never eaten, hoping that I will enjoy the taste. What made me do this now was because of the French grilled cheese I ate at La Boulance, which had peasant bread, cheddar, and provolone. I enjoyed the sandwich, even though I have never had provolone or peasant bread, but I surprisingly enjoyed it regardless.
Now whenever I hear about the different types of French artists, such as Monet, Manet, Picasso, Gertrude, and so on; I suddenly remember the seminars and tell the people around me or the person who mentioned the artist about the seminars I went to. One time, this substitute for my advanced engineering class talked about how the flying buttresses of the Notre Dame Cathedral and asked if any of the students knew about it. I immediately remembered about what I learned from the history seminar and mentioned that I knew about the buttresses and where I learned them from, I was glad at the fact that I remembered the parts of the cathedral from the seminar.
The French language seminar also helped me grow personally, while I was taking the SAT last Saturday and McClatchy, my testing room was in a French class. It was such ironic because of the familiar French words I saw around the room that I learned in the seminar. This made me remember of all of the words and sentences I learned with Ms. Bowie. Every time I had a mini-break from my test, I would continuously look around the room and see all of the French words, and I’ve asked myself, “Maybe I should look into learning French, since it’s similar to Spanish in a way.”

The competition for the wonderful trip to Paris has molded my mind with all of the things I learned in the seminars and the San Francisco trip. I have grown in my own ways personally and hope to use this knowledge in the future to help me in college. I enjoyed participating in this competition and learning about French culture and wish good luck to everyone. J


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