Friday, November 13, 2015

La passion de la mode

Fashion is the international weapon of freedom, beauty, and control. A shirt can give a powerful message without any trouble. The beauty from a dress can give sight to a blind eye. Kim Kardashian can control society by what hat she wears. Now everyone is wearing the same hat. These three examples show the power of fashion. France is armed with one of the largest fashion weapon in the world.

Fashion Silhouette. Digital image. Retrogasm. © Retrogasm 2009–2015, n.d. Web. 9 Nov. 2015. <>.
Whenever I think of French fashion, I think of the 1920’s Flapper outfit. I love the way French artist captured the mesmerizing style that used by many women during the 20’s, along with its message. Women fought for their equal rights with men, “If he can smoke a cigar, I can smoke a cigar” they would say. Women would dress in what others may call, ‘Scandalous’ outfits, and act as free as a man, There was no shame or guilt in the flapper community because women made it their freedom to dress and act however they want which was powerful to me.

“Where there’s smoke there’s fire” by Russell Patterson, 1920s.

Beauty is a key player in French fashion. There could be warm colors, cold colors, wild colors, and even neutral colors that would attract people to a person because of their beautiful clothing. For example, in the 1950’s, the poodle skirt was popular in teenagers, and movie stars. The skirts were beautiful knee length decorated skirts worn at many school dances, and special occasions. This was a popular style due to its beauty.

However, my favorite aspect about French fashion is the way it controlled the world. The beauty and freedom in the clothing created from great artists like CoCo Chanel and Madeleine Vionnet caused a widespread of people to wear clothing with meaning and beauty at the same time. Famous actresses would wear the clothes of famous designers causing many more females to follow their way, wearing the same dresses.

Sears catalog, 1925. via HA! Designs – ArtbyHeather on Flickr.



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