Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Enhancing Qualities

        Starting this scholarship to Paris my ultimate goal was to grow in a few qualities before going to college. The three things I wanted to grow in was socially, intellectually, and to become more passionate. One thing I can say was that I've grown socially learning to talk to people and have an actual conversation without knowing them. As it was a competition, it felt nothing like one if anything I felt comfortable with all the others that were competing. I also expanded greatly my knowledge on the culture of Parisians. I have became more into interested in the art of architecture and paintings. learning to see the artist personality through their art seeing that they all had something distinct about them all which helped me come to appreciate them more. This helped me with becoming more passionate. I learned once you learn more about something the more interesting it becomes. I even learned things about myself competing in this scholarship. I feel as if this opportunity given helped me become more street smart. learning what popos are and knowing why the buildings in San Francisco are small or tall as they are. Then, with writing these blogs was nice because it helped us find a lot of information out on our own on something that we found interesting at the Paris seminars. It has even helped me with my writing skills, before this process I would be afraid to ever try to write a paper in two days. It has become increasingly easier to writ which is one thing I am most proud of being that in college I will have many writing assignments to do. That is where I feel I have enhanced intellectually. This competition for the scholarship to go to Paris was a great learning experience for me. I am proud of myself for going all the way through with it, it feels great that I actually did this scholarship and did not let my negative thinking or anyone else talk me out of it. I'm grateful to have slightly expanded in the qualities of becoming more passionate, intellectual, and social.
                                                                                        -Dazhawna Miller


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