Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My reflection

Unknown, Aviation Photographer: Balint

My experience with the TYTT scholarship has been absolutely amazing; it completely lifted me up, up and away since I had the opportunity to meet new people, explore different interest, try new foods and learn a complete culture in a number of hours. And I also can't forget about the San Francisco trip where I have gotten the opportunity to learn more about the city. Overall this experience was incredible; all that hard work was definitely worth it!

Unknown, David
While participating in this scholarship, I've gotten a wonderful opportunity to meet not only students but staff as well. I feel that in the future it is important to communicate well with others, make dead lines and be social with others. The TYTT scholarship gave me that opportunity to explore those necessities that I will continue to use in life. 
unknown artist
Doing this whole experience, I also explored many interest like art history and architectures. Everette showed me a whole different way of observing art in a way that I'll never forget. Thanks to her, I will pay even more attention to paintings carefully. I also enjoyed learning about architecture of buildings that were in San Francisco; absolutely amazing.

unknown artist
I also can't forget about the many foods I got to try. Although this experience was challenging, I appreciate it a lot because life is full of challenges. This scholarship prepared more than anyone would of thought. Thanks a lot again.



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