Saturday, November 15, 2014


 “ Life can only be understood backwards; but must be lived forwards.” -- Soren Kierkeqaard

 I agree with this quote because in order to live life for the future one must understand and forgive their past, just because you understand doesn't mean you live, for if you live in the past you can't live within your future.

      After visiting such a remarkable city, something caught my eye. The theme old vs. new pops up a lot in San Francisco especially with the Shell Building (1930) and the Crown Zellerbach (One bush plaza 1959). It isn't their similarities that bring them together but their Differences. The Shell Building being one of the tallest office buildings in San Francisco, the building was made with Gothic and Modern stylistic elements and the One Bush Plaza is the second office buildings with Glass curtain walls and because of that detail it is very important to downtown San Francisco. The differences bring these two buildings together by them Reflecting the Future and the Past of each other.

          In the beginning I mentioned the quote by Soren K., which explains that in order to make a Future you need to understand the foundations of the past. For a perfect example is how the Shell Building ( being the old) which created the foundation of the Crown Building ( the new modern). The past always plays a part in every new thing. Which is why when you look at something new you can always see a glimpse of the past within it.

photo credit Kurt Brown

 Everyone keeps asking me Why do you want to go to Paris, from my family to my friends and even to some of my teachers at school. Let me tell you some things I have learned on this experience. I learned that when one door slams in your face another one opens. I also learned how to not give up, even when all odds and chances are against me but, to proceed and flourish with all the odds and chances are against me. I learned to overcome them instead of running away out of fear. Thats why I want, thats why it excites me about possibly going to Paris because I dont want to hide behind my walls of fear anymore. I want to prove not only to people but, also to be able to look at myself and say, Yes! I did it even when all odds were against me. I accomplished something greater than myself.
photo credit  Hagen Stier 

Seta Ates.


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