Saturday, November 1, 2014

Enchanted but Repelled from it...

            Out with the Old in with the bluegoodbye clouds of gray and hello skies of New. The idea that influenced me in todays seminar was the theme of Modernism vs. Tradition. This was a time where people started to self- consciously break the traditional style. Now during the Modernism era,  modernists tended to experiment with a lot of things, from classical to jazz music, to their old ways to their new ways of living life. How all the rules where thrown out and people did what they felt in that very moment.

          An American writer named Gertrude Stein wrote novels, plays, and poetry, she was a pioneer of the Modernists literature. (funfact: she was aka the collector of Modernists Art ). She wasnt the only one who was inspired, there was Sigmund Freud who was a psychologist and he wanted to understand how and why people did what they did. There was also Karl Marx who focused on class interaction and history. They both questioned the rationality of mankind.
            This theme is very intriuing because it makes me want to know more, it leaves me challenging things I have been taught. In the seminar today we read a few pages from The Sun Rises by Ernest Hemingway and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In The Sun Rises it gives you an insight of how lost people were and how people lost their connections to the world. In The Great Gatsby it gives you the insght of how spontaniously informal the parties get in that era. They both are similar in the sense of Modernisim vs. Tradition because in the movies and books they describe this frenzy of Enchanting but repelled from it. Its Enchanting because everything is starting over, new music, new arts, new way to epress yourself however its  Repelling because everything was so new, some what choatic, and newly expressed with no limits because people wanted to get rid of old traditions.

       This particular idea of Modernism vs. Tradtiton gives me a Frenzy about possibly going to Paris not only because its a beatiful city, but because its a learning experience. To see what the people in Paris see on a everyday bases of the Romance, Economics, and the different change in the Atomosphere when you visit historical Monuments, Arts, and the Buildings.


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