Friday, November 14, 2014

Valuable Atmosphere and Making Statements

Valuable Atmosphere and Making Statements 

The Hallidlie Building 
There is more to San Francisco than meets the eye. Sadly, some of San Francisco's buildings are limited to their beauty. The cause to the limitations are air rights. Yes, air rights are an actual regulation. Depending on the urban planning, and the blocks air spacing, a building can only be a certain amount od stories high. However, there is a way to exceed the limitations. The owner of a building can purchase a neighboring building's air rights. Purchasing the air rights transfers more floors to one building. The more stories a building has, the more leasing a building can take allow.

The Crown Zellerbach Paper Company Building 
  While I walked throughout San Francisco I realized each building is an art piece from an architect. Each building makes a statement of how unique they are. One of the most unique buildings from the tour is the Hallidlie Building. I fell in love with this building. Its statement was so bold and daring. Willis Polk used freezes as drapes, fire escapes to "pull" the drapes open, so it creates a window effect. This effect opens up the window into the future of architecture. The Hallidlie Building stole the attention away from the traditional buildings of the early 1900's.

            Another glass building that captivated me was the Crown Zellerbach Paper Company Building in 1959.  This building showed strength and luxury simultaneously. Surounding the building was a open area of a cobblestone and underneath the building was the glass box lobby. The glass box showed strength because it was able to hold up the building without obvious support. Which gave a statement that the company was stong and can withhold large duties.  The Crown Zellerbach Paper Company Building also showed the luxury of its strength. Italian tiles, furniture, mabel, and wood floors howed that this building was ment for the hard working.  


The Crown Zellerbach Paper Company Building 
  I've always loved San Francisco and this experience has given me more reasons to love it more. I am glad that I received a different perspective of how buildings are created and their history is more than just a need of space. Everything has a history and everything makes a statement or a reason of existence. Therefore the reasons for the Hallidlie Building was to make a statement that old things need to change and the Crown Zellerbach Paper Company Building was to show how strong a company was. Therefore, the architects create buildings to express their opinions on what a building shold say to the public. The past should create the future and the future should embrace the past.

Lashay Hankerson


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