Friday, November 14, 2014

The Hidden Secrets of San Fransico

Photo taken by SF Travel Association

When you visit such a wonderful and popular city such as San Francisco, you would probably doubt that it would keep such secrets. The thought of its unique architecture would probably slip your mind as too. Well get ready to have your mind blown and feel kind of hurt that such a wonderful city would keep such a secret from you.

While discovering such secrets hidden in one of my many favorite cities, I felt betrayed in a fun and adventurous type-of way. In SF, when buildings are built, the ones responsible must give back to the public which result in poposYou are probably thinking whether or not it is a real word. Truth is well, it is. A popo is another way of saying a public area that is available for everyone but the thing is that most of these popos are hidden.

               unknown photographer                                      

Popos are very similar to a mini garden where you can take a break from the city in the city. Another thing I noticed about popos is that most of them are located on a roof. Being a city girl such as myself I find it hard to go without nature for too long. Every now and then a break is needed away from the busy, crowded, and loud cities. How could SF hide so many of them?

Another thing that is so hidden about this city is its architecture. There is so much architecture to pay attention too, but no one would stop and realize it. I've been to SF many times and not until recent did I notice the architecture; the style and art of the building.

     Untitled Mark Y
For some reason, this building stood out to me out of all of them I seen on the tour mainly because of the colors. If you haven't noticed, the building is the exact colors of UC Berkeley. That is because Berkeley founded it. As of today, Berkeley no longer owns the building buy but at the very top there is a Berkeley flag to show appreciation of the building. What so secretive about the architecture of this building you may ask? The outside of the building is a curtain. The glass curtain wall represents one of the great revolutions in architectural design turning a building form into a transparent and reflective presence.

Art and Architecture SF

This ceiling caught my attention; the colors, the lighting. It’s a work of art. But I’m for sure that half of the city is unaware of such art. Why? Well, one of the reasons is because many are intimidated to go inside. No one would think to just stop and walk inside a building just to look at a ceiling. But it’s worth the stare, I mean look at it! Everything comes together to quite perfection. It is set apart from other SF skyscrapers by its mansard roof with gabled dormers and terra cotta roof tiles.

Untitled, SF Land Marks

At first, I didn't understand how this building could be so secretive. But then it came to me that not only it is the first glass building, but one the side of the building there are over 5 million tiles placed on by hand. I couldn't tell the real beauty of this building until I went up, close. I’m talking about in hands reach type-of close. No one could m=notice this secret even if it it’s right there in between their eyes!

After experiencing hidden secrets of San Francisco, I now feel like I have an advantage of knowing what common people have no clue about. I most definitely will find all popos because I feel like there is a need to; they are all hidden from the public for a reason. What SF secret will you discover tomorrow?



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