Friday, October 23, 2015

The Lost Generation, David

            I applied to the scholarship for the benefit of my community and myself. South Sacramento is my community, it is largely known as "South Sac Iraq" referring to its high homicide rate which is highest in Sacramento, but if I win this scholarship, it will cause a domino effect. My accomplishments will inspire others in my community which will then change the look of South Sacramento to a capital of knowledge and not homicide. Also, I am a dedicated and appreciative student of art with a small advantage of opportunities to travel, learn, and becoming successful. It does not matter if it's music, photography, or fine arts, I am naturally connected to the art around me. The position where my family lies in is really complicated but simple in words. I am a child of two set of "minority" parents, elder sibling of 3 children from my primary home, and formerly eldest of my sister whom is at peace now. My family struggles to provide clothes, and education. However, I've stayed grateful since my first brother because I knew the position of my family, and how they sacrificed their lives for food, a home, health care, and teaching my to maintain a family. I always hated putting pressure on my parents, so by applying to this scholarship, it will not worry my parents about me not being able to reach my goals. Lastly, my participation in this program is currently making my biological father very proud of me. Since he came from a terrible life in the past - living in poverty, dysfunctional families, and spending half of my life in prison - he never had the opportunity to experience education, and have aspirations, his only thought of his future was his death. So seeing me, the only child in the family to be able to attend a college at 16 and show that I am not afraid of failure, lets my father know that there is something to live for, he motivates me. So, If I can just get more information from Paris in person, I will be able to return home with inspiration. A man or woman with explicit inferiority would be absolutely surprised by hearing that I went to Paris, and I returned with new information not many people know of.

            The lost generation was a time after the World War I. This was a time where the people of Paris felt as if they had nothing to live for anymore. This resulted into endless partying, or recklessness. This is also the time where Jazz really played a big part in the music of Paris. People like Duke Ellington, and Josephine Baker were really big in Paris Jazz. The Lost Generation really caught my attention because of the diversity.

            After World War I, many African American artist moved to Paris. The way Paris invited the artist was not as racist as the way of life in America at that time. This caught the attention of the artist which created a love of Paris. Musical Geniuses, and Popular Icons spent most of their lives in Paris, blending in with the Parisian life. However, this integration caused some people of Parisian descent to feel hatred and the want to separate from the Americans. Still, there was a benefit from the introduction of African Americans in Paris which was Jazz music. I really liked how the Jazz was interpreted in Paris, even though it was seen as unholy, it was a symbol of partying.



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