Sunday, October 25, 2015

Social Trauma caused by World War 1, Elias

         Hello my name is Elias Castro and I am a junior at Sac High. I am applying for this scholarship because I am highly interesting in  France, Paris and traveling the world. I want to photograph what i see in France and observe the culture and how it differs from here in America.
         I am highly interested in the effects of war on soldiers and society. In Europe the social trauma caused by World War 1 effected many people. During the time PTSD was not in existence and soldiers had been diagnosed with shell shock. This was believed to be caused by time at war. PTSD not recognized until 1980 which surprises me. I can not fathom why PTSD or similar illness's had not been discovered before 1980. I believe shell shock was an underdeveloped idea created by doctors who did not have the technology that exists now. It was a way for the doctors to explain the mental and physical problems soldiers had when they came back from war or the problems that developed after their return. Soldiers would return from war with mental and physical disabilities and many of them would receive little to no help. How can a soldier who recently served in one of the most brutal wars ever be expected to rehabilitate themselves and function in society with major health problems. Now that PTSD is recognized problem the most important thing is helping those who suffer from its effects. I do not understand why veterans of war come home and struggle in life after serving their country. Today veterans still do not receive proper help from the government. I believe that is not okay and needs to be changed.


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