Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Paris Endeavor

         Art is such a hard topic to talk about with others.  Art is so controversial because it cannot be viewed with one perspective. Art in a metaphorical sense is more than just a physical thing but a conceptual thing that we paint on the world surrounding us. To me art is a large component of my life that I cannot live without. Art is the thing that sets my imagination free and helps me express myself to others. In return I like to experience others views on art to understand their perspectives. One of my personal goals is to be witness to many foreign concepts of art to make them not so foreign anymore; I will do this through travel. There are limitations to this goal that I could not overcome such as: finances, age, language, etc. One place that is at the top of the list of places I wanted to travel to is Paris, France. Known as the hub of the art world; the perfect place for an art fiend like me. I cannot put in words how ecstatic I was to receive a flyer of the CONTEXT travel scholarship for Paris. It was the ticket I was waiting for that would help me side step all those limitations that kept me from traveling; it is not a free ticket however. There are a set of challenging trials and steps that I must overcome to obtain my trip to Paris. I was not intimidated by this however, so I applied to the scholarship and nicknamed the task of accomplishing my goal of getting this opportunity the Paris endeavor.

“River of Paris” by Leonid Arfemov ( Fun fact: This art piece follows the post-impressionist theme that came to be in response to the impressionist movement that originated in Paris during the 1860’s. This style is known for purposefully using unrealistic qualities to symbolize the realistic.

Paris was and still is the birthplace of several types of art such as paintings, music, architecture, fashion, and much more. Paris is the sole origin to several iconic fashion businesses, famous artwork, and it even nurtured the amazing genre of music jazz when it was young and still budding. I’m glad Paris took jazz under its wing because it is a genre of music I grew up with and love. I was very interested when the seminar began to go onto the topic of jazz. During Paris’ period of modernism (in the late 19th – 20th century) jazz was thriving due to its unique characteristics. The theme of jazz had several concepts like its erratic rhythm and informal style (compared to classical) that coincided with the modernistic view that humans aren’t rational creatures by nature. I hope to listen to smooth jazz and many other creative styles of music like it in Paris.

   ( fact: Revue Negre was a famous jazz group in Paris during 1925 that started their own jazz night club called Champs-Elysee. They were a big factor to jazz’s success in Paris and even the world. To answer your question: no I don’t know why their lips are so big. It looks funny to me too.

The Modernistic ideology didn’t stop its influence at jazz. Numerous artists began finding new styles of art that went against the norm of previous art pieces during this time. Many artists began using abstract art where the viewer saw what he wanted to see from the art. This went with the modernistic view that people will act whatever way they so choose. Abstract art wasn’t as popular during the time and it was just beginning to grow; most artists would struggle in Paris.  One of these struggling artists was young Pablo Picasso who lived in an apartment with a friend named Max Jacob. The two would go through times of poverty, depression, and starvation together(he even had to burn some art pieces for warmth). He eventually gained some fame after illustrating for news articles in the 1910’s. His work went on to accumulate even more fame after this and especially after his death where they were fully appreciated. For me personally his art has always had a special spot near my heart because of their authenticity. By authenticity I mean how well they fully represent the Picasso’s views through simple shapes that when put together mean something different entirely. I want to see one of his amazing paintings in person in Paris.

“Marie Therese Walter” by Pablo Picasso Fun fact: this is a painting made during Picasso’s blue period. During his life Picasso had periods that each had a specific theme for the art he painted during them.

Art means something to everyone on this earth: especially to the whole city of Paris. Art is stitched into the fabric of its history and I just want to see it for myself. I just want to see it for myself because who exactly Pablo Picasso who lived in Paris for a portion of his life? Where is the famous night club Champs-Elysees anyway? These are questions I wouldn’t have even known the answers to before I applied to this scholarship and I still want gain more knowledge about them by:  going to Paris and seeing the apartment  Picasso stayed in, hear the jazz music in Champs-Elyees, and look at one of Picasso’ paintings with my own eyes. I want to feel the art of Paris with my own senses and not through a computer screen or book.

Kai Jones


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