Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Want to Take My Talents to France

Hey, my name is Kyson Barnes and I want to take my talents to France. The architecture, language and especially the food has always made me want to live the reality I saw in the pages of books and magazines. France being an earlier developed country has a history unlike the United States. The history of France dates back to around 250 BCE which means there are tons to information to learn .I’m applying for the Transforming Youth Through Travel Scholarship because being able to travel to Paris is an opportunity that could impact my future of becoming a chef and a culturalist. Upon receiving the scholarship and actually going to France I look forward to exploring the Fashion Capitol. 

 I’ve been interested in high fashion since around 9th grade but there’s been a barrier in that interest. I live in Sacramento. I’m almost positive Arden Mall doesn’t have high fashion boutiques or maybe I just haven’t been their enough. I also look forward to learning about the history of Jazz in Paris . Last year I started listening to jazz and neo soul after my mom told me I needed to listen to more than just hip-hop


What drew me in were the blended sound of the saxophones and the mellow tones of the bass in the background. Until the seminar last week I actually had no idea that Paris had such a intricate history when it came to the jazz art form.

           During the seminar I was confused on how I would construct my blog and what I would write about but as Mr. Wilkinson continued to explain aspects of the Lost Generation and Modernism in Paris and America I realized I could form a legitimate theme across multiple subjects we discussed. I focused in on the specific art forms of jazz music and abstract art .During the late 1800’s toward the early 1900’s Europe specifically Paris, France was going through changes socially that were bigger than the development of both art forms. 


       During this period France was going through industrialization which left many people displaced in altered lifestyles. Many people were used to a rural lifestyle but during the industrial revolution people began to be employed by large factory based companies and the urban population grew .With a more densely populated location ideas were more diverse  and information was transported faster which caused French art forms to become distorted .Looking at a piece of art from the early 1800’s next to an abstract art piece of the 1900’s you can recognize significant differences, just like you can listen to the classical music of traditional Paris then listen to jazz of Paris and can tell obvious differences. Both changes stem from the growth of communal diversity and were established because of a wider spectrum of recreational acceptance. I found this theme of change very interesting because both art forms are different but went through the same evolution.
 I ran into a temporary barrier when it came to relating this idea of change to modern times or me.

    I have had an interest in drawing and painting since I was young. But as I got older I noticed those just weren’t areas I was gifted in  . . . Music on the other hand I’ve pursued a little but haven’t really invested myself in pursuing the craft. I played the saxophone for 2 years in middle school and played the guitar for two years (8th and 9th grade). Music is still something I am passionate about but sadly procrastination is also a part of my magnificent traits.

     So I kept thinking about topics similar to my theme and that are relevant to more modern times. I noticed that the change in music and art in France happens frequently all over the world. I specifically thought about hip-hop. Hip-hop has evolved immensely since the 80’s and 90’s. I feel it has changed just like traditional music and art of France. Hip hop began with more lyrical approaches and strictly boom-bap beats that some say all sound the same. 


      Today the style has changed and the beats include faster snares and lots of bass with the lyrics consisting of less meaning (that’s why I choose to listen to artist like J Cole, Capital Steez ,and Lauryn Hill who actually have a message).Many older artist have issues with new rap music and don’t like the changes with the music similar to how some citizens of Paris in the lost generation stuck to old ways.

      Making the connection of Paris art forms changing to the development of hip-hop made me and look forward to visiting France even more realizing that French history is relevant to modern times .Sitting down and having Mr. Wilkinson discuss France with us was a lot more exciting than sitting on the computer researching .It made me mentally go through what one of the walking seminars would be like with a docent right by your side.

     This is a little random but does anybody know if there are any well-known French jazz and hip hop artist today?


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