Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Me & Changing Art

My name is Ferrick Moore. I currently attend Sacramento Charter High School as junior. Almost everyone can agree that I'm a busy student. It's quite rare to see me in the same place for more than a second. This is because I'm in so many leadership positions like Student Government, School Site Council and other clubs, that once I step out the car from getting dropped off from school, I hit the ground running. Some may say I'm crazy to take on a tremendous amount of extracurriculars but hey, somebody has to do it.

I usually don't stop working when my eyes are set on something but the context travel opportunity totally made me stop and realize what an amazing opportunity it is. Not only is traveling my passion but also learning its magnificent history, culture, fashion and context is something am absolutely looking forward to.

During a seminar I attended about Paris; I've found that change is quite a funny thing. Relatively speaking about traditional Paris to modern age Paris art. In the beginning, around the 12th century, Paris started off very religious and detailed with an obvious direct meaning when it came to art. But as times changed; the passing of WW1 and the break of the industrial revolution, art became much less detailed and religious with an unnoticeable indirect meaning behind it. Take Pierre Mignard’s work for example compared to Pablo Picasso’s. (Pierre Minard: Bottom and Pablo Picasso: Top)


          Here's where the funny part comes in. As you can see, the two paintings are definitely different than one another. The one on the left by Minard is extravagant and in my opinion, very sophisticated while the other, well, not so much. Picasso’s painting is mostly made up of shapes and colors and a bit unclear if I would say my self. In fact, by the looks of his painting, it's definitely a huge jump from traditional paintings like Minard. This is a prime example of the change from traditional Paris to modern Paris. Artist went from drawing at a distinct and detailed way to a creative and imaginative level. For the most part, the real change I see is the change in intellect. Yeah, Mignard’s painting looks sophisticated but you can probably guess the meaning completely than Picasso’s. Picasso uses all those shapes and colors to make the viewer have to analyze and interpret the shapes and colors before really realizing what it is. I like this because his paintings make you have to really think, kind of like a puzzle in which you have to reinvented the shapes and colors to make a picture. I would be most excited to see his paintings close up in Paris like, “ The Man With a Guitar “. Which is one of his famous paintings. ( Aren’t they all! )

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