Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Role of Art

              In today’s seminar on French art, we reviewed several aspect of art, from where it is found to its connection to history. A big part of Paris is its architecture, there are two fascinating styles, romanesque and gothic architecture. While the styles of these two types overlap, there are clear distinctions. Romanesque architecture has cathedrals with outlines of the cross, gothic architecture follows the same model however expands it with its common signature of gargoyles, pointed arches, flying buttress, vaulted ceilings and more.  The walking tour of the Notre Dame and Gothic Paris is perfect to see the elements that make up Gothic architecture. Architecture in Paris seems to gather a lot of attention, it was intriguing to learn why it is important and relevant. Art is used to help understand what was occurring at the time. For example, Romanticism was extremely popular during the Industrial Revolution due to people being tired of the polluted city. People focused their art on more nature and happier times. This seminar increased my excitement for Paris, it would be great to see the city in the eyes of the artists and to connect art to the history of the city. Art is all connected to the time period, it would be fascinating to learn the history in another way besides a textbook.Who knew that art was so interconnected in several aspects of a single city?

(ée du Louvre
Ana Martin


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