Wednesday, November 25, 2015

French Art Seminar

            During Saturday’s seminar French Art was discussed. Unfortunately I was not able to attend this seminar but I did do my own research on the different periods of French Art and found that my favorite out of each one was realism. Realism paintings are ones that are said to capture contemporary life. The reason I like this style of art the most is because even though it is supposed to be the embodiment of what life is, it is really what the artist perceives it to be. That pretty much means how we see life may not be how others see it and in realism art you get a clear idea of what that artist thinks life is or what life is like. I find it fascinating how much you can learn about someone you’ve never met just from their artwork.

            Based on how I feel about artwork I believe that the “Louvre Italian Masters” is one of the best fit tours for me. It is a tour especially geared toward admiring artwork. I know it is a cliche but art really does speak to me and just the thought of maybe being able to see some of the greatest artworks ever created excites me. Each time we learn something new about France makes going all the more worthwhile.


            Now, I know this is a blog about French Art, but I would like to take a quick detour and just say that my thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of Paris who are experience the loss and turmoil of the recent terrorist attack. Given that America has also had citizens lose their lives due to terrorism we can truly say it is never something you forget. So with that being said I pray for the families who experienced the loss of a loved one and I pray that no more lives will be lost.

Nyeri Mallory


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