Monday, November 4, 2013

What Makes the Sculpture So Special?

             Roman Art is used for all things that were scientific, mathematics, architectural, design, religion, and communication in Rome. The first kind of art that the Romans had was from the Etruscans. There art was during the 6th century. The Etruscans built there first temple for the Greek God, Jupiter. The temple that they made for Jupiter has influenced the City Hall that we have today. With the Etruscans art they was good with trade and made there city greater by the art because they was organized and was able to do everything great in there city. This is a good topic because I think with out the Etruscans we will not have the art topics that we have today. The Etruscans was the best culture that I have ever seen because the way they was able to keep there cities organized and was able to make materials with bronze and it was able to stay up together. 
            All of the topics that we learned about in Saturday’s seminar were great but the one that caught my eyes the most was the sculpture. The Romans were particularity interested in portraiture (making of people). The Romans was most interested in reality when they was making there sculptures. The Romans was great at getting all the marks and important of that person onto the sculptures. Some of the authors of the sculptures made there sculptures to record the military history in the life of the Romans Emperors. The sculptures were 700 feet of spiral relief depicts Trojans campaigns.

           The author of the sculptures was an Italian author named Barberini. Barberini was brought into Rome as a child and he remained there almost all of his life and made a lot of sculpture for Rome that still stand now. He made the Saint Teresa of Ecstasy and wrote books of the visions that he had with the spirit of love and angles. Barberini was an important person in Rome because he was able to make sculpture of people and made sure that he got every single detail; this is great because this mean that he really loved the city of Rome because he had every detail on the sculpture and they still stand up today, so this means that the Romans loved Barberini to keep his sculpture up in Rome.     
          Romans were having had a lot of great people that can make art. I think that Rome is the capital of Art because they had a lot of people that took there art to the max and made everything on there art great. Rome is a great person to look at art and if I get a chance to go to Rome I hope that I can see the art of the most important person that made a lot of Rome’s sculptures. Then though I don’t like art, I will like to hear and learn more about the art that made Rome the most important city that is still standing today. Rome is a very important place to study art and I will love to learn more about the sculptures. So, I hope I get that change to explore the sculptures in Rome.
-Roynell Anderson


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