Monday, November 4, 2013

One piece of art can hold a million Stories

This past Saturday we had a seminar on art history in Rome, and yet again I had to miss it because of another test. I greatly and sincerely wish I could have been there, every time I miss out I feel like I'm missing great information that can possibly benefit me in the future. I try to make the best of what I can find In the power point given to us, and I never fail to find something that interest me. From the get go I've always said I wanted to learn more about the history of Roman architecture and the history behind their building and creations. It's crazy to look at some of their building because you would have never thought they would be smart enough or have the type of technology to create such magnificent and beautiful works of art. One piece of architecture that stood out the most to me is the Roman Colosseum, the grandest of all Roman structures.
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The Roman Colosseum has many stories to tell, many battles have been fought and innocent blood spilled on the battlefield. This well structured and humongous building was used as a source of entertainment to the common folks. 50,000 Romans could be held in the marble-seated interior, the lower seating was reserved for upper class citizens and wooden high seats were for lower class. The exterior was constructed of various amounts of arches made of bricks, stone, and concrete. The inside was made of wooden floors with tunnels underneath, these areas were created for the animals and gladiators. It made it so that they can make a quick entrance from anywhere below the flooring. Forty elevators like lifts were installed to present the participants. I find that ridiculously amazing that they thought of an elevator like system to rise the gladiators up to the field and present them to fight. Everyone that contributed to the construction of the Colosseum must of had a great and vast artistic mind to think of all the details and original designs that consisted of its magnificence. Later the Colosseum had suffered damage by later citizens and architects that used pieces of the building for constructing other buildings. This is sad because now we will never be able to experience the full beauty of its original design.
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-Malik Lee


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