Thursday, December 10, 2015

What would California look like???

In 1847 John Sutter built a saw mill east of his fort. It was almost finished when his colleague John Marshall discovered gold. Four days later Marshall told John and the word was out about the discovery of gold. One year later in 1849 thousands of people were migrating to California, for a chance to strike it rich, from all over the world. A year after that California became the 31st state, a free labor state. Can you believe that one man's building project started up a long history for one state which ended up affecting the world? Could California consider John Sutter anything less than a hero for starting such a great history? What would California look like today if John Sutter never built his sawmill? Let alone what would the world  look like if John Sutter was never born? John Sutter impacted not just one state but one whole nation. Would California have been a free state? Would the civil war ever have happened? By bringing in all different walks of life from all over the world as well as from the U.S. California became diverse very fast. For most laws people look to California to see what rules are being passed and tend to affect people on the national level. Especially when it comes to our green laws. Not only the whole United States is influenced but so is China as well as other countries. 

Paris and California can both be seen changing the world with their decisions. They are partners when it comes to the city of trees first    U.S.  and  second Paris. Which only can lead me to believe on place I have to go see is Paris. Something often talked about at home the beauty as well as the refuge it was for African American artist in the past like Josephine Baker. Paris has so often opened their arms to African americans as California has and I Would love to go see where my ethnicity was accepted when our own country wasn't seen to be as accepting. 

Tachae Hankerson


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