Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Malik's Reflection: 2014 TYTT Co-Recipient

A few things I have gained through going through application process twice is perseverance. I had a strong desire to win. After losing the first time I realized that I really had to utilize my time into perfecting my assignments and not procrastinating. This was a good craft to perfect because its comes up in life all the time.  Procrastination always played a big role in my daily life style, and after going through this process I felt like not only did I improve on not procrastinating, but I learned through perseverance I can conquer any task at hand. In preparation for the trip we had meetings and gained a lot of information on Roman history. Through the required reading in preparation for the trip I learned that Bernini and Borromini basically framed the foundations of Baroque for Rome. Those two artists were basically involved with everything.  Also we researched a lot on the potential walks we were going to participate in while in Italy. It  was cool because I felt I was prepared for the content the docents would teach us before they explained it. 

Overall I feel like this trip had really changed me as a person. Even though I had the chance to taste the most amazing food In the world I still had this strange attraction to art. Returning back from Rome I just didn't  see things the same way. When I look at building it's nothing compared to the ones in Rome. And when I eat pizza or pasta or even just drinking water I realize it's just not the same as Rome. And in all honesty I really miss it and I really want to go back because I had a true connection with everything I learned. Having the chance to travel to a whole different country at such a young age has really impacted me. This experience will live with me forever, and all the knowledge I acquired will forever remain in my mind. 

After the trip we made reflective videos of what we sought most interesting this also was a good lesson for the future. Now I'm more familiar with Macs and Final Cut Pro. I know the ins and outs of the audio and video for apple computers now.


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