Sunday, December 15, 2013

Transforming Youth? Indeed

This years application process has been really fun and competitive. Not only have I seen growth in myself but also in the other returning applicants. There has been a huge development from the me last year till now. Being apart of this scholarship program has made me more mature and has rubbed a few life lessons upon me. I have wandered all my life but not yet truly traveled the difference is wandering is meaningless, but travelling is for fulfillment and education. I truly want to experience what traveling really is being that it's my last try to win the scholarship I analyzed my mistakes from last year and tried not to repeat them. Performance wise I feel like I stepped up In certain areas of the application process, I put lots of time and effort into every step. When it came to preparation that was my strong suit, I was ready for everything that was threw at me and when it came to gathering information I was on top of it even when I had to miss seminars because of Sat and Act. One big thing that continued to run through my mind was not to procrastinate and having that on my mind kept me on track. I also felt like I improved during the San Francisco trip I was more engaged into the conversations and truly understood and correlated with what was going on.

One thing that I can say I really connected to while on the San Francisco trip was the story of Sun Yet-sen. His leadership and courageousness impacted the world and made a huge impact in peoples lives. He led groups of people in order to establish what he thought was right for everyone he represented. I can relate to how he felt as of being a leader and standing up for what was right, I face situations like that every single day except for in his case he led more people. Being a leader in sports and trying to be a positive role model to my younger siblings I can feel the connection between my life and his. Overall I can truly see the transformation between myself from last year in this process from now.  If given the chance I would take full advantage of the opportunities given to me and utilize my time into making sure that every assignment is completed to the best of my abilities plus more.

-Malik Lee


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